Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to Phoenix, AZ

Hanging out in Grandma Williams' backyard

The kids had their own little water park in Grandma's backyard

Charlie at the Phoenix Zoo. One of those Giraffes is named Charlie too :o)

Phoenix Zoo

On top of the huge rock are the Big Horn Sheep. Very cool exhibits at the Phoenix Zoo!

Pretty Pink Flamingos

Charlie and I rode this camel named Dale :o)

Lola in front of the Komodo Dragon Exhibit

One of the many merry-go-rounds we rode in AZ. This is the one at the Zoo, Charlie is on a Shark and Lola is on the Dolphin.

Phoenix Zoo Merry-Go-Round

This Orangutan uses palm leaves to make a nice sun hat

Little Spider Monkey. You can walk around in their cages so this picture is not zoomed in, this is how close we were to them!

A "sprayground" inside the Phoenix Zoo. Probably the kids' favorite part.

Every time Lola got to a fountain the water would go down

She finally figured out that if she just waited at one fountain it would shoot out water again

Right in the face!

The train park in Scottsdale, AZ

Grandma got Charlie his Engineer Hat, he loves it.

He loved riding in the Cattle Car in the back of the train with all the other animals :o)

Lola at the playground in the train park

Lola and me riding the train

A nice shot of the train

Lola in Grandma's kitchen looking cute

Charlie walking through the Noodle Forest in the Children's Museum of Phoenix

Some kind of weird cactus thing you attach a toy spider to and wheel it to the top, oddly enough Charlie loved this despite spiders being involved.

Lola sitting in a cushy chair inside the baby section of the Children's Museum

"One Green ice cream please!"
Inside the Children's Museum

I'm not sure what this thing is but Charlie didn't want to leave it.

Tricycle car wash at the Children's Museum

Lola being cute as usual

Charlie in a old school paddy wagon at Rawhide

Charlie riding a Burro named George

Lola trying to catch Charlie and the Burros

Lola the Prospector

Lola at Rawhide

Riding the train at Rawhide. We had the whole train to ourselves and Charlie wanted to sit in the caboose, figures.

Charlie and me riding a Stage Coach at Rawhide

Cowboys hanging out in Rawhide


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