Wednesday, October 26, 2005

15 weeks...not feeling so well

Hi Everyone. I have not been doing so well apparently. I have been throwing up too much lately and actually lost weight, which is not entirely uncommon. But I was gett dehydrated so the doctor decided to give me medicine for the nausia through an IV. It really sucks because I have to change the IV location every 3 days, which means I have to stab myself with a needle like a freakin' diabetic on insulin. I have to stick the IV either in my belly or on my upper thighs. The belly area hurts but the thighs are good so I have been sticking it on my legs :O(
Anywho, it's pretty annoying and there is no definate answer as to how long I have to use the IV thingy but hopefully no longer then a few weeks.


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