Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New picture today- 15 weeks

Here is the latest and greatest snap shot of the baby. Since I have to see 2 doctors each month, one is a specialist and one is just a general OB, I get a billion sonograms. But that's ok, I have more to share with everyone that way...right?

15 weeks...not feeling so well

Hi Everyone. I have not been doing so well apparently. I have been throwing up too much lately and actually lost weight, which is not entirely uncommon. But I was gett dehydrated so the doctor decided to give me medicine for the nausia through an IV. It really sucks because I have to change the IV location every 3 days, which means I have to stab myself with a needle like a freakin' diabetic on insulin. I have to stick the IV either in my belly or on my upper thighs. The belly area hurts but the thighs are good so I have been sticking it on my legs :O(
Anywho, it's pretty annoying and there is no definate answer as to how long I have to use the IV thingy but hopefully no longer then a few weeks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

12 week 6 days

So here is the latest sonogram. It's a little fuzzy but you can kind of see the profile of the face. The baby's little hand is sticking out near the nose and I swear it waved to me when the doctor was doing the sonogram. That's my smart little fetus!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Almost 12 weeks...

YAY!! You can see it better now huh. This sonogram was actually taken on 9/20/05 when the baby was about 10 weeks. You can see the HUGE head and lil hands. The body is below and the feets are all squished together at the bottom. The baby was moving all around and everything looks good according to the doctors :o) I go for another appointment on 10/11/05 so I should have an even better picture. Right now, at 12 weeks, the baby is about the size of a softball and it's fingernails and toenails are suppose to be coming in, as well as the genital parts. I might even know if it's a boy or girl next doctor visit! Oh, and the due date has changed, the new date is 4/19/06. Maybe we should start a betting pool on the real due date?